We make your customers happy!

A happy customer is the best advertisement. Experience it with us! With our innovative fulfillment services, we make your customers' day.

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These partners help us,

making our customers happy

and another 100+ businesses.

Free yourself from the burdens of logistics!

Low start-up costs, high growth potential. Keep the focus on sales, outsource the logistics!

Maximum security

The highest level of warehouse, product and service security for all stock entrusted to us.


State-of-the-art product handling, packaging and delivery for satisfied customers.

Let us unburden you

Complete management of the delivery process so that your business can operate more efficiently.

Achieve the unattainable with us!

Learn how you can increase the efficiency of your online store with our logistics solutions.

Fast and reliable delivery

The advanced logistics process guarantees fast and safe delivery.

Optimized stocks

Manage your stocks more precisely and efficiently with Boxy.

Profit increase

Innovative technologies and efficient customer service at the service of higher profits.

Great volume, great success!

Our customized solutions are flexibly connected to your operations. Increase your efficiency and expand your sales!

Extensive service portfolio

Everything you need as a wholesaler.

Flexible solutions

Convert your stocks and orders quickly, according to your needs.

Outstanding price-value ratio

Excellent quality, low cost.

Take advantage of the benefits of online trade with us!

Enter the exciting world of online commerce and deliver your products to anyone.

Flexible storage

The flexible management of stocks can reduce storage costs and achieve faster delivery times.

Cost-effective logistics

The precise stock register and the acquisition of your stock at the optimal time minimizes the costs of stock management.

Fast, accurate delivery

Increasing warehouse efficiency and managing accurate orders is key to customer satisfaction and maintaining a competitive edge.

Why choose us?

Discover what makes Boxy an expert in e-commerce logistics and how we help your business grow.


We provide maximum security and protection for your stored products and packages.

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We provide efficient order management, reliable packaging and precise delivery so that your customers are always satisfied.

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Lighten the load

By outsourcing the entire operation, your business will be more efficient and you will finally have time for your company and yourself.

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IT integrations

We have ready-made integrations with most popular online store engines, which can be set up in a few minutes. The Boxy API provides answers to individual needs.

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Seamless fulfillment process

The process of the fulfillment service from the moment of ordering to your customer's door.

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Storage and stocking

We store your products safely in our robotic warehouse

Packaging and delivery

We ensure fast and reliable delivery with our own Boxy Sameday fleet

Notices to customers

The customers will be informed exactly when they can expect their product

Order processing

Effective management of orders through our own system


You don't have to deal with returns, we handle all returned products

Customer services

We follow the processes throughout and if necessary, we are there to help

Our services


We provide a complete fulfillment service, and even more. We check your products, store them, commission them when ordered, pack them safely and deliver them.

Experienced staff

Our employees do exactly what you need.

Possibility of expansion

Flexible growth options without staffing issues.

Qualified employees

You don't have to employ your own staff.

See it for yourself

Experience a modern fulfillment operation in person at Boxy's warehouse! Come to us and see the efficiency and precision with your own eyes.

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