Maximum security, minimum risk!

Choose the comprehensive protection and let the logistics risks be reduced to a minimum!

Hazards in logistics

Intentionally avoidable damage events that can seriously affect your business if you do not adequately insure your stock.

Delivery of damaged or lost products

Unauthorized access to storage areas

Products without product protection

Data loss or system error

You can keep your products safe with us


At Boxy, packaging security is guaranteed by a set of measures aimed at delivering the goods in an undamaged state. It includes important aspects such as the selection of suitable packaging materials, the use of stable packaging solutions and the placement of appropriate markings.

We strive for quality

The food safety system of our warehouse complies with the part of the Hungarian Food Code No. 2-1/1969 entitled Application of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

IT protection at the highest level

Data encryption

As part of IT security, we use strong, modern encryption technologies to protect the data of our customers. This guarantees that sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access and theft.

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Building security

Security system

In Boxy's warehouse, a sophisticated security system looks after the goods: 121 indoor IP cameras and round-the-clock site monitoring ensure continuous monitoring, while the modern alarm system guarantees an immediate reaction to any unusual event. Safety is our top priority.

Experienced staff

Our employees do exactly what you need.

Possibility of expansion

Flexible growth options without staffing issues.

Qualified employees

You don't have to employ your own staff.

See it for yourself

Live through the experience of robotic order fulfillment in Boxy's warehouse! Come to us and see the efficiency and precision with your own eyes.

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