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Professional logistics, low costs and great growth potential. Focus on sales, we'll take care of the logistics!

Advantages for start-up online stores

Complete fulfillment service from the receipt of the order to the receipt of the delivered package.

Flexible pricing

With our prices, you only pay for actual use, there is no overbilling.

Scaling possibility

As your business grows, we adapt our service to your needs.

Favorable delivery and packaging

You don't have to worry about anything. We take care of everything from preparation to packaging until your package arrives at the customer's door.

Order processing

Effective management of orders through our own system, efficiently.


You don't have to deal with returns, we handle all returned products.

Customer services

We follow the processes throughout and if necessary, we are there to help.

Why choose us?

Discover what makes Boxy an expert in e-commerce logistics and how we help your business grow.

Product storage

We store your products safely in our robotic warehouse, the stock status of which can be easily monitored on our Client Portal.

Error-free preparation

In our robotic warehouse, we prepare your orders lightning fast and error-free, even during peak periods.

Fast delivery

We ensure fast and reliable delivery with our own Boxy Sameday fleet and trusted couriers.

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The largest systems in one click:

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Enhance the customer experience and reduce your costs

Careful and error-free package preparation, fast delivery, individual boxes.

Fast delivery

We deliver the packages to the addressee on the next day, or even on the same day.


We pack with minimal error and maximum care.


We use optimally sized packaging that matches the product.

Fulfillment for small businesses

It is also worthwhile for start-up online stores to contract with us.

We scale together

As you grow, so do we, so we always offer the best price-value ratio.

There are no acquisition costs

No need to invest in boxes or shipping up front.

You pay for actual use

Due to our customized pricing, you only have to pay for what you actually use.

How it works

The process is not complicated. Here you can find out in three simple steps what awaits you if you want to work with us.

Getting in touch

If you have any comments or questions about our services, our experts are at your disposal.

Signing a contract

Choose the service that suits you best, then follow the simple steps to conclude the contract. The whole process is fast, transparent and flexible.

Onboarding into operation

Our expert team is ready to help you connect to our IT systems quickly and smoothly.

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Professional support

IT consultation

With the help of our experts, we connect the ordering, storage and delivery systems for uniform operation. Our team specializes in simple but effective system integration solutions.

Logistics consulting

Our experts help you optimize storage, transportation and stocking, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Operational consultation

We offer expertise and guidance to optimize delivery-related processes. This covers a wide range of logistics areas and aims to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall performance within the fulfillment process.

Financial consultation

By integrating Boxy's IT systems, businesses can significantly streamline their operations, improve order accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory management. Our experts are at your disposal to find the most customized solutions.

Your logistics center

Discover our client portal, where real-time information, simple management and professional customer service help your business optimize its logistics processes.

Instant stock information

Get notified immediately about your stock in our warehouse, at any time.

Easy-to-use interface

The technologies used on our Client Portal fully meet the latest user expectations.

Friendly & professional support

Got stuck? No problem! We are at your disposal.

Revolutionary technologies

Robots in logistics

With the help of innovative robot technology, logistics operations are more efficient. The robots enable fast and precise storage, packaging and delivery preparation, thus ensuring fast and accurate order processing.

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Personalized price offer

We offer flexible solutions at an affordable price so that you only pay for what you really need.

Predictable and favorable fees
Guarantee and maximum security
Unique cutting-edge technology
The largest outsourced fulfillment warehouse in the country

Personalized price offer

Predictable and favorable fees
Guarantee and maximum security
Unique cutting-edge technology
The largest outsourced fulfillment warehouse in the country

The solutions of the future up close

Experience the real experience in person in the Boxy warehouse! Come to us and see the efficiency and precision with your own eyes.

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