Flexibility and predictability in fulfillment

Choose our comprehensive fulfillment service and reduce your logistics burden to a minimum!

Seamless transition

IT coordination

During the integration, we help you connect the softwares so that the initial steps are smooth.

Client portal training

Our designated contact person will introduce and teach you how to use the portal so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of the system.

Creating a move-in strategy

With one of our dedicated experts, you can carry out a planned move-in, minimizing distractions and ensuring a smooth transition.

The operation of our automated system

Our fulfillment service covers the entire process from the placement of the order up to the arrival at the delivery address.

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Storage and stocking

We store your stock in complete safety in our automated warehouse

Packaging and delivery

We ensure fast and reliable delivery with our own Boxy Sameday fleet

Notifications to your customers

Your customers receive continuous information about the delivery status

Order processing

Effective management of orders through our own system, efficiently


You don't have to deal with returns, we handle all returned products

Customer services

We follow the processes throughout and if necessary, we are there to help

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What can the customer portal do?

IT consultation

The main focus of our service is the optimization of digital infrastructure and IT systems. Our experienced team provides assistance in areas such as system integration, the selection and implementation of software solutions, as well as IT security and data protection.

Logistics consulting

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs! We provide our customers with personalized logistics consulting, in which our experts review your company's stocking, storage and transportation practices.

Operation consultation

Our experts help you optimize warehousing, transportation and stocking, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We help you plan how modern automation technologies can take even more burden off your business.

Financial consultation

A comprehensive overview and optimization of the supply chain enables the rationalization of resources. Logistics cost reduction strategies can affect many areas from transportation to warehousing to supply chain management. Boxy's team of experts provides continuous support in terms of optimal logistics processes and financial transparency.