Cutting-edge fulfillment for e-commerce stores

We service robotized and error-free warehouse logistics to webshops and e-traders. Our service provides savings of up to 30-50% compared to manually controlled and self-owned warehouse costs.

Even to the smallest webstores, ranging from 100 monthly orders to millions.

We provide technology in our fulfillment centre that was previously solely available to the world’s largest e-commerce companies.

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End-to-end fulfillment service

Fulfillment process


We store your inventory in our brand new fulfillment center, protected with the highest security standards.

Pick and Pack

Once a customer completes a transaction, order processing begins. This process includes item selection, picking, packing, and preparing the order for shipment.


As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it. We provide sameday delivery with our Boxy Sameday fleet.

the fulfillment partner of e-commerce stores

Cutting edge technology, the largest robotized fulfillment warehouse in Hungary, brand new fleet

Our professional and scalable fulfillment service makes the life of online stores much easier.

E-commerce logistics involves a large number of tasks: storage, stockpiling, inventory, order management, packaging, delivery, returns management…

These are the burdens we take off webshops’ shoulders beside offering significant savings.

We handle your logistics, you can deal with and take care of growth

Why choose us?

Beside significant savings, we provide logistics solutions tailored to your store that are more efficient than the current ones.

Without any further investment, our technology and prices make it possible for even the smallest stores to compete with the international titans of e-commerce.

Customized for you

Guaranteed nextday delivery in Hungary

Sameday delivery with our own fleet

Quality and safety on the highest standards

Simple and fast integration

You can connect with most well-known e-commerce platforms to our system. Individually developed webstores may utilize the easy-to-use Boxy API specifically created for this cause.

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András Táncsics
Chief Executive Officer
Szabolcs Böröck
Chief Business Officer
József Tóth
Chief Operating Officer
Kamuthy László
Chief IT Officer
Guóth Patrik
Head of Business
Schmidt Dániel
Head of Product and Innovation
Mórocz Adrián
Head of Finance
Gábor Balla
Head of IT Security
Our Team

Combining professional experience and innovation

We work hard every day to make your store more successful.
Our collegues with an average 10 years e-commerce and logistics experience, worked for industry leading international and domestic e-commerce companies.

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